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Nils is currently producing a variety of new artists. Several of his productions are in the Billboard charts now, including Nate Harasim's Harmony Park, featuring Nate, Nils and Dave Koz.



Nils just finished production on the music for the 2014 Independent Spirit Awards

ISA 2014

In 2013 Nils wrote and produced 26 songs for various artist and for his next project.

Nils is currently producing CDs for up and coming smooth jazz artists Reggie Codrington, Keith Andrews, Al DeGregoris and Alvin Pope .The productions include performances by Jeff Lorber, Ricky Lawson, Jessy J and more...

Nils Also wrote and co-produced a song for Nate Harasim featuring Dave Koz


Nils produced 4 tracks for this young artist: Sophie Rose. At her tender age Sophie is an unusually talented songwriter as well a promising guitarist and singer. She learned guitar by taking lessons from Nils. She is definitely on her out Taylor Swift !

Sophie Rose

Eddie Brown


Eddie Brown, half of the 60s folk duo Joe and Eddie, recorded a song at Nils studio which the two produced together. 'Follow the Drinking Gourd' (the Big Dipper) is a tale about the Underground Railroad and slaves following the big dipper (drinking gourd) as a guide to freedom. The band backing Eddie is Gravity180. The song shall serve as a main title song for a feature film about Joe and Eddie's live.
20 feet from stardom


Lean on me

Nils produced a version of "Lean on me" for the ISA performance of the stars from the movie "20 feet from Stardom"

click on the image to see the video of him working.

What The Funk?


Nils CD "What The Funk?" features 12 tracks recorded at Nilsmusic Studio in Hidden Hills, Ca.

" We tracked the drums at Ricky's (Lawson) place. The rest was done here in my home studio.

I really love the guitar tone i got this time. I used a Bogner Alchemist amp with an open back 2x12 cabinet loaded with Vintage 30s. I placed a SN 57 in front and a Neuman TLM103 behind the cabinet"



Samples of Previous productions


String Theory


Nils love for electronic music and bands like Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, Groove Armada and the Chemical Bros. is clearly being expressed in this first CD 'Vibrations' and shows a very different side of his musical talents. Vibrations with 6 vocal and 6 instrumental tracks is more synth heavy and when guitar was used it is more in a David Gilmore/Pink Floyd kind of approach. And like Dark Side of the Moon a lot of the tracks evolve into each other. The Single 'Too Big To Fail' makes a strong political statement as well as being a musical power track.
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